Pita wrap with vegan curry (not) chicken salad

Vegan Curry (Not) Chicken Salad (Original)

by Oliver Pau

When the weather is hot or if you just need something on hand for a quick meal, try this vegan curry (not) chicken salad. This salad offers a nice balance of savory, sweet, and a little spicy. The addition of celery, cashews and dried cranberries add extra flavor and texture to the dish.

This recipe can be used as a starting point. Don't like curry? Leave it out and make a more traditional (not) chicken salad. Or use different seasonings and salad ingredients to make it your way. It's up to you. 

Recipe ingredients (note I replaced the lemon with a lime in recipe)

The salad can be made ahead of time for a quick meal. Add it to sandwiches, wraps and salads, or serve it on crackers for a nice vegan appetizer. For our pita wrap (pictured), I added spinach, pickled vegetables and fried onions. 

Curry (Not) Chicken Salad Ready to Eat